exists to provide publishers with a Community.

The media industry is complex and ever-changing. We create space for peer-to-peer conversations so you can learn from others and share best practices for making publishing a thriving business.


We carefully vet members to ensure this is a best-in-class community of publishers and technology providers dedicated to their profession. You’ll find 4,000 professionals across almost 1,000 companies in publisher revenue operations and ad tech engaged in active conversations that move important topics forward. 

Current Conversations 

We talk about all things related to publisher revenue operations. The focus is leveraging the community as a sounding board to work through top topics, including:

  • Cookieless advertising 
  • Data strategy
  • The latest thinking around brand safety and suitability 
  • Direct-selling best practices
  • SSP partners


Beyond our Publisher Slack and Community Slack workspaces, we have numerous ways for members to plug into everything we offer. 

  • Weekly Newsletter – jam-packed with information about what’s happening in the community and the industry
  • Camp Fire Callstimely conversations led by accomplished industry experts; our version of a webinar (it’s so much more)
  • Dinner  & Discussionscurated dinners where Chatham House rules create a safe place for all to gather and share openly about the topic du jour 
  • First Impressions Videosdemonstrations of the latest technology solutions that will help you make more informed decisions about your tech stack
  • Virtual Round Tablesdeep-dive conversations on topics that matter to you, a forum to share and learn from your peers
  • Beeler.Tech Connect – our version of industry Happy Hours, Informal and in-person gatherings where we can get together to network and have fun 
  • Events We produce an array of events focused on educating publishers and the advertising community. Community members are the first to know about the latest events in our Base Camp and Navigator series and events we produce in partnership with our clients. 

Beeler.Tech Community for Ad Tech & Advertisers 

We foster communication between publishers, the technology that powers their operations, and between publishers and advertisers. If you work in ad tech or on the buy side, we welcome you to join our community.

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