DV is driven by a mission – to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure. We help brands improve the effectiveness of their online advertising, giving them clarity and confidence in their digital investment. Confidence is built on trust. Trust is achieved when a company’s mission, team and actions are aligned – doing things for the right reasons, with transparency and authenticity. Trust is foundational to the lasting partnerships we’ve built with global advertisers, as well as the world’s leading programmatic and social platforms, and publishers. 

First Impressions


DoubleVerify Measurement on YouTube and Google Video Partners

DV Marketplace Suite Launches Brand Safety Floor, A Turnkey Pre-Bid Protection Solution


Factors That Influence Brand Safety and Suitability

Making an Impact – downloadable 2023 Impact Report


DV’s Quarterly Benchmark Report: Q1 2023

DV’s Q2 Quality & Attention Benchmark Report


Netflix Adding Media Quality Measurement Thanks to DoubleVerify and IAS Partnerships

Guides / Reports

DV Authentic Attention® – is the first MRC-accredited data solution in the market to provide near real-time, comprehensive data to drive campaign performance — from the impact of an ad’s presentation to key dimensions of consumer engagement. This rich dataset enables granular attention measurement at scale. Download our guide to attention measurement and watch the video below to learn more!

Video and CTV: Quality and Performance – There are 500K new fraudulent Connected TV (CTV) devices detected daily. As an advertiser, understanding CTV fraud protection across all programmatic ad platforms is critical.

  • Get our 12-page guide and find out everything you need to know about CTV so you can:
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your CTV investment
  • Prevent ad fraud and ensure brand safety + viewability

Raising the Bar in APAC: How Media Quality and Performance Drive Outcomes

Protecting Brand Reputation Online

DoubleVerify’s 2023 Global Insights Report

The Rise of Retail Media: What to Expect in 2024

Raising the Bar in APAC: How Media Quality and Performance Drive Outcomes

Case Studies

DoubleVerify’s CTV Viewability Measurement Solution Revealed Exceptionally High Viewability Rates on Samsung TV Plus


DoubleVerify Extends Media Quality Authentication to Uber

DoubleVerify Partners with Group Black to Optimize Brand Safety, Opening Nearly 15% More Inventory for Black-Owned Media Monetization

DoubleVerify and Attain Launch Pioneering Joint Solution that Links MRC-Accredited Attention Metrics to Real-Time Sales Outcomes

DoubleVerify Unveils New Partnership To Authenticate Instacart Ads

DoubleVerify Pushes Into Retail Media with Instacart Ads Partnership

TikTok & DoubleVerify Expand their Partnership to Provide Post-Campaign Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement for Advertisers

Kwai and DoubleVerify Partner to Improve the Quality of Ad Placements for Advertisers Using the Kwai App