Confiant is the cybersecurity leader in detecting and stopping malvertising attacks.

Having built hundreds of integrations directly into the web’s ad tech infrastructure, Confiant has unparalleled visibility to the malware, scams and fraud serving through ads today. Leveraging our security expertise, we deliver complete control over ads to web publishers and ad platforms, also remediating quality issues, privacy violations, and mis-categorized ads.

In publishing the industry’s leading ad quality benchmark report and mapping the threat actors that use ads-as-an-attack-vector at, Confiant is leading the charge in protecting users from criminals hijacking the ad tech supply chain.

Trusted by customers like Microsoft, Paramount, and Magnite, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year.


Malvertising and Ad Quality Index 2023 (based on 2022 data)

Malvertising and Ad Quality Index H1 2023 (January 1st – June 30th)

Q3’23 Report – Yield Management in Programmatic 


Why should good advertisers care about bad ads? – as reported in The


The unholy alliance of malvertisers and AI, and its impact on ad tech


First-Ever Prebid Server Integration for Creative Verification

With the support of partners like Confiant – we will continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve so publishers can focus on creating content, building audiences, and increasing revenue.

Eric Bozinny

Sr. Director, Marketplace Quality, PubMatic

With the coverage that we have now, we definitely receive significantly fewer complaints than we used to, and save approximately 4 hours per week dealing with security issues.

Sylwia Komorowska-Girus

Sr. Revenue Operations Manager, Fandom

Confiant’s Malvertising and Ad Quality (MAQ) Index

Confiant’s Malvertising and Ad Quality (MAQ) Index is a view into creative quality and security in digital advertising.

Using a sample of hundreds of billions of impressions monitored in real time, Confiant is able to answer fundamental questions about the state of creative quality.

Digital advertising delivers significant value to publishers but also introduces myriad risks related to security, privacy, and user experience. Malicious, disruptive, and annoying ads degrade user experience and drive adoption of ad blockers.

In 2018, Confiant released the industry’s first benchmark report. This report, the 17th in the series, covers all of 2022.