Optimism is the name of the bar where I met up with a few Seattleites (which is the correct term – I would have gone with Seattlethans) for a Beeler.Tech Connect. Is optimism the way we feel going into the second half of the year? Well, I polled our publisher community and this is what I got:
8% – H2 2023 is going to be great 16% – More optimistic about H2 than I was about H154% – Can I get back to you in 6 months?  22% – Optimism is not in my vocabulary. In other words, the majority of our audience is sarcastic. 🙂Personally, I am optimistic because I sense a growing number of people are starting to realize that sitting back and watching how our industry plays out isn’t going to end well. MediaMath’s demise signaled to me that pubs can’t just hope to get paid but instead need revenue channels that they can rely on.Stronger pub business models is going to be the top topic for the events Beeler.Tech is involved with:
Base Camp Edinburgh in October will bring top people together to hammer out plans for our collective future.We think the Prebid Summit will move the industry forward.Our upcoming Navigator event this fall (deets coming) will focus a lot on direct-sold and data.Skipping ahead to 2024, Amelia Island, FL, will be our Base Camp destination next March (deets coming)So, despite the poll results (never ask ad ops people about optimism), I see publishers starting to stand up for themselves more and more. It’ll be tough but it’ll be better in the long run.

One small note: my streak of 36 AdMonsters Pub Forums in a row is ending as I won’t be making it to Coronado Island. As many of you have commented, I’m traveling too much as it is, and something has to give. Best of luck to the AdMonsters team!
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Top 3 reasons that #BaseCampUK is the place for publishers to be this fall:
Unparalleled networking with your peers from major publishers like The Guardian, The Washington Post, and Roku, to name a few.Curated content that will get you up to speed on everything from sustainability to staffing to privacy compliance and much, much more. Fun and exciting offsite activities that will foster deeper bonds among participants – like the Johnnie Walker Edinburgh Princes Street Experience, a competitive afternoon of Highland Games & Adventures, an excursion to see Extinct Volcanoes & Ancient Villages, and What Lies Beneath, a guided tour of Edinburgh’s darkest side. If you’re a publishing or retail media executive and want to be invited, send a request here.

Calling all Mentors!
Our Mentorship Program is accepting applications until July 31. We have more submissions than last year, which is exciting. We also have a lot more mentees looking for mentors. You don’t have to have 20 years’ experience to be a mentor; just somewhat seasoned in an area. 
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It’s easy and quick. Being a mentor allows you to practice your leadership, too! And while we are talking about relationships, come out and meet with your colleagues at one of our Connect Happy Hours. We have two coming up in early August.
Happy hour with your locals, see old friends, make new ones.Connect: Detroit
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This is the one Melissa hosts!Connect: Los Angeles
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Recaps of what’s being talked about in our Pubs only Slack. Want to join?
Mediamath and the SSP response is the biggest conversation right now. Don’t you wish you were a partner and had insight into what people are saying? 🤷Bid staggering and bid cachingWhat will happen in H2 2023? Oh, we’re discussin’ 

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Career opportunities:Audigent has provided an updated list of roles. These are all around the world with a number of contract positions. To see what they are looking for, click here.Blizzard is looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join them in Irvine, California. Blizzard data scientists design and deploy data-powered products and services that serve the business and development of Blizzard games every day. This role is anticipated to be a hybrid work position, with some work on-site and some work-from-home. For more information, please click here.Dotdash Meredith has an opening for a Senior Product Manager, Ad Tech. The Senior Product Manager, Ad Tech will be responsible for expanding their ad capabilities with programmatic partner integrations and delivering the optimal ad experience across DDM brands. Please click here for more information.Click here to see our full list of job openings
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