Header bidding is a response to the “waterfall” method, a fragmented and highly inefficient process for implementing programmatic advertising. Instead of offering impressions to one partner at a time, header bidding lets all partners bid simultaneously. With header bidding, publishers can also receive bids that may be unavailable through their primary ad server.


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Prebid.js – The Industry Standard Header Bidding Platform

Prebid Server – Bring Prebid To The Cloud

Prebid Mobile – Prebid for iOS and Android Applications

Customer Testimonials

“NewsBreak is committed to bringing both consumers and advertisers the absolute best local information platform possible. For both audiences, this includes providing new and innovative experiences, while being transparent, efficient, and trustworthy. Through our partnership with Index, we integrated new video experiences seamlessly into our platform, enabling NewsBreak to tap into incremental video and native demand, while ensuring consistency and quality for our customers.” – Scott Kelliher, head of revenue, NewsBreak

Blog Post

NewsBreak Sees 34% CPM Increase Across Its Ad Solutions with Mobile Video Advertising – NewsBreak partnered with Index Exchange to expand their video advertising and chose Prebid Mobile as an independent, unbiased unified auction platform to optimize yield. Prebid Mobile allowed the organization to reduce its reliance on walled gardens and truly optimize revenue by bringing the same efficiencies that header bidding introduced to the web into its mobile app environment.