pubX is building the future for Digital Publishers. pubX is an agile, VC-backed start-up building artificial intelligence and automation technology to revolutionise the digital publishing industry. We work on greenfield projects to help digital publishers unlock greater revenues, improve operations and understand data to help ensure their existence into the future. Our first in-market product is a Dynamic Price Floor Tool, which allows Digital Publishers to drive incremental revenue by pricing each auction individually.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to unlock value for digital publishers through technology​. We believe that Digital Publishers have never been more important.


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Product Features

pubX provides an AI-powered monetization tool to empower publishers to dynamically price programmatic advertising inventory, driving higher revenue. 

Our AI model has been built to ensure that net revenues are optimised, versus CPM or fill-rate. See more here.

  • Revenue Generation – Our technology leads to higher programmatic revenue per page.
  • Publisher-led – Publisher-first. Always.
  • Complex Insights – Using data science to understand and improve your inventory ecosystem.
  • Frictionless – Simple to integrate. Free to use. No impact on latency.