Undertone helps premium publishers unlock unique demand & maximize revenue, without sacrificing on-site user experience. We are the leaders in creative first solutions, with flexible cross screen ad units e that span all devices including CTV & DOOH. Proud members of the CBA, TAG & IAB, we are committed to continuing to adhere to compliance & guidelines as we evolve our ad suite. We work with top brands & publishers across every vertical, bringing unparalleled service, quality creative, and flexible integrations that drive results. Our publishers are able to benefit from unique experiences that engage their audience in new ways, combatting banner blindness while maximizing revenue opportunities.

In addition to our overall network, we founded “The Uplift Collective ”, a premium portfolio of publishers that are minority, women, & LGBTQIA+ owned, and those who are committed to advancing social justice, environmental sustainability, and equal representation.

Undertone’s award-winning creative team uses the company’s 21 years of experience to intelligently craft campaigns that can drive full-funnel KPIs while making meaningful connections across their direct publisher partners. 

Undertone brings the art and science of advertising together to deliver campaigns that uplift consumers, brands, and publishers alike

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How Undertone and Mindgruve’s privacy-safe cross-platform campaign helped a financial services company exceed its goals.


Find a Way: The True Big Creative

Publisher Testimonial

“As an African American woman and founder of a lifestyle brand, it’s always been my focus to support other women through my platform. Particularly, women from small, rural communities are near and dear to my heart, as rural South Carolina is my home base. I’m thrilled to be a part of Uplift Collective, an initiative engaging, supporting, and promoting women business owners,” Michiel Perry of Black Southern Belle.

Advertiser Testimonial

“As a digitally innovative brand, Mercedes-Benz USA is always looking for unique creative experiences and first-to-market technologies to take our campaigns to the next level. Utilizing Undertone’s immersive High Impact formats including Live CTV, coupled with their latest privacy-compliant targeting solution, SORT™, we were able to stand out across all screens, reach entirely new audiences and see a 70% increase in brand interactions.” Ashley Epperson, Media Supervisor at Mercedes-Benz USA

Client Testimonials

“Undertone’s SORT technology perfectly achieved our need for a solution that protects user privacy, while maintaining relevancy and performance. More than that, it allowed us to find consumers we were never able to reach with previous methods. In the tests that were conducted we saw this new technology overwhelmingly exceed third-party cookies, across all of our main KPI’s.” – Mark Duffy, Senior Advertising Manager at Owl Labs