The full list of content that caught our attention in the last week.

#3PCD – big story this week
Update on the plan for phase-out of third-party cookies on Chrome

Spicy take alert! – thank you Paul Bannister, and the timing…

The Road to 3rd Party Cookie Deprecation: Diversification Part 4 – 3rd Party Data Providers

Google Delays Post-Cookie Plan Again Amid Pressure From Ad Tech Industry

CMA 2024 Q1 Report

The Global Privacy Control Is Limiting. Here’s How The Industry Can Do Better

MFA Sites Aren’t Going Anywhere Until There Are Incentives To End Them – shoutout to Samuel Youn

Hidden MFA

Steering Committee Spotlight: Insights from Lila Hunt

Elephants never forget. Buffalos never forgive. And AdTech never learns to put the consumer first.

Tyler Carro on LinkedIn: Supply as a Unit of Dollars Made

How Publishers Can Successfully Navigate the Never Normal

Video Player Placement Tips for Digital Publishers

How AdTech Fared Against Malvertising in Early 2024

Adapting to a Cookie-less Future: The New Frontier of Digital Identity in Advertising