It’s time to start talking about 2024

Beeler.Tech is already hard at work on our events and our services for our community. While we have a lot of details to iron out, we know that many of you are already budgeting for 2024.

Interested in learning more? Use this form to express your interest.

Here are some details we can share with you at this time:

Beeler.Tech Event Season Passes

Plan ahead and secure your spot and your price. Whether you are working on your own personal budget or for a team, we’ll work with you to provide you what you need. A season pass can save you money and time and ensure you are part of the converation.

Our exact event schedule is yet to be formalized, but we will share with you our plan. You might even help us with some of our decisions if you raise your hand.

Beeler.Tech Publisher Membership

From our community tools to our exclusive access to content, people and resources, membership in 2024 is going to a new level. We’re formalizing some of our offerings so that we can continue to grow in ways our members want us to. Learn what we can do to help you, your department and your company stay in the know.

Beeler.Tech Training Initiative

In an industry where so much changes on a weekly basis, training proves to be very difficult. We have some ideas on how to collaborate to make training better on all levels. All we need is your input on where we can help. Let’s start planning for 2024!

Beeler.Tech Consulting

Like training, we think very differently than most about consulting. We plan to leverage our strengths with the strengths of others to provide unique offerings. For now, we’re going to leave it at that. Curious? Learn more.