The full list of content that caught our attention this week. 

What a universal metadata vocabulary means for the future of video advertising

Traffic Shaping Is Blocking The Road To The Cookieless Future

Crunch time for cookie use, watchdog warns

November Display and Video Benchmarks: Programmatic Open Auction (PII is required)

Canada, Google strike deal to keep news in search results

Adalytics Exposes An Alleged $10.5 Billion Black Hole In The Google Search Partners Program

Adblock Use Drops Consumer Spending by $14.2 Billion, Study Suggests

Working From Home Spurs Ad Block Rates to Rise

National Black-Owned Media Non-Profit Kicks Off Fall 2023 Accelerator, Powered with GM – BOMESI is on it!

‎The Programmatic Digest: 139. How To Partner With Black Owned Media, for real on Apple Podcasts

Justin Wohl on LinkedIn: Sequential auction setup with header bidding and multi-seller Protected Audience API

A Deep Dive into Google’s Privacy Sandbox: PAAPI and TOPICS

The Power of Data Cleanrooms for Enhanced Privacy and Personalization

The State of the Retail Media Industry 2024 With Angus Dowie

Advice to Your Younger Self – From Thought Leaders Around the Industry V.3

Ad revenue is growing faster than expected, per analyst

Lacking financial incentives, sustainability remains a hope, not a promise, in digital advertising next year – shoutout to Justin Wohl!

Guardian Light: getting ads to audiences that others can’t reach

Publishers Seek Strategic Partnerships With SSPs: Is a SaaS Model the Answer?

Advertising Is Dead. Long Live Advertising