At Navigator last month, we had a networking activity with a pretty straightforward premise: ask for help and/or offer to help someone. While we work through addressing the individual responses, a few patterns are emerging:
– People want to grow in their roles, and they need help.
– People are tasked with solving very specific problems, and it’s difficult to find others that can help them.
– A lot of people are willing to share their expertise with others.
– We saw a number of asks and offers for women to help other women.We saw a number of asks and offers for industry people in the LGBTQ+ community to have a way to connect.

Beeler.Tech, first and foremost, is a community, and we’re organizing our plans for 2024 to help connect people on these topics. We already have a mentor program, but I think there is more we can help with on the professional development side of things. We’re going to do our best to connect people to solve specific challenges. We want to be a forum for people to share what they’ve learned (public speaking is key to growing your career). We will do our best to create communities within communities so people get support from the people they are looking to for help.

That’s our offer. Here’s our ask: think of what you can do to help others and raise your hand. Only when there are more offers to help than asks for help do we make significant progress.

Tis the season to start thinking about what contributions you’re going to make in the new year. Make it your resolution to help others.

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Direct Sold
ICYMI, version 2.0 of the Direct Sold Seller Workflow is available for download, or you can read it in our knowledge base direct sold section.

What’s new?
– The Product Development stage has been expanded.
– Identifying the primary role responsible for each stage.
– Some thoughts about holds or reservations.

We’ve launched a privacy legislation resources section on the site. It includes an area focused on the Privacy Sandbox testing. 

We’d like the community to help us populate this area with your take on 2024, what publishers should be doing, and what assistance you can provide.

Brand Safety 
We’ve converted Rob’s article on Brand Safety into a knowledge-based format, and we’ll be working to keep it updated.
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