The full list of content that caught our attention this week.

Marketecture podcast: Gavin Dunaway of The Media Trust talks fraudulent ads, including scams targeting the elderly and the early days at AdMonsters. – The Marketecture team thinks ad ops people are cool and Rob gets a shoutout!!

Youtube’s Anti-adblock and uBlock Origin

As news aggregator referral traffic slips, publishers turn their attention inward – Where will our traffic come from once search and social turn their backs on publishers (unless you believe they won’t)?

From Google: We’re excited to announce that Google Ad Manager now supports the new video.plcmt attribute in accordance with the new OpenRTB 2.6 video object spec. This new attribute allows publishers to declare whether their video ad inventory is in-stream or accompanying content via the new video.plcmt attribute via the ad tag URL. 

Google November 2023 core update released

Updates to how publishers monetize with AdSense

The Rise of Shoppable Ads: Transforming Browsing into Buying

Black-Owned Publishers Are Building More Collaborative Collective Models to Court Brand Budgets

Taking a small break on “this is why we can’t have nice things” for “this is how the internet works” – Lila Hunt’s latest on LinkedIn

2024 election: Will digital advertisers see a bounce back?

FTC Claims Amazon Doubled Number Of Ads In Search Results—And Deleted Internal Messages To Evade Federal Probe

Facebook and Instagram are banned from using targeted ads in Europe

First-Ever Prebid Server Integration for Creative Verification

Self-service advertising platforms: 7 benefits publishers can’t ignore

LiveIntent’s Retail Media Report Advocates the Value of Logged-In Media

Beyond Copywriting: 11 Ways AI  Drives Revenue for Media Publishers