I am extremely proud of how Navigator turned out. Thanks again to the team, our provocateurs, our VIPs, and of course our attendees. I like to see the post-event survey results before I start claiming success, but I think it’s safe to say we done good. 

I took a couple of days off post-Navigator and it’s going to take a day or two more to get back up to speed. So while I organize myself AKA undiscombobulated, some topline notes:

– We have articles coming out of Navigator. Make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn to get alerted to what we publish.
– We know that Base Camp in Europe will be November 10-13 in Barcelona. 
– This week when you buy anything in our merch store, we donate 2x that amount to the TD Foundation. Veteran’s Day is this week, people. Thank them.
– Expect registration for Amelia Island to open up. More on Amelia Island later in the newsletter.

Oh, there’s more as we’ve been working on more 2024 stuff, the website, work with our partners, changes to our slack, etc. I tell you what: next week’s newsletter will be fully combobulated. Cool?

Until then, Privacy Sandbox needs to be tested. Here are some next steps.
1. Prepare for internal testing objectives discussion. (“What do we want to learn? What can’t we learn in 1H 2024?”)
a.Assess the impact of 3PCD on the commercial value of your brand
b.Review CMA testing guidance
i.What metrics are important to you?
ii.Are there any specific conditions or use cases you want to test?
c. Review Chrome-facilitated testing

2. Prepare your organization.
a. Identify the resources you’ll need to prepare for and navigate testing in Q1
b. Assess requirements to update your Prebid setup to 8.9+ and be ready to test
c. Identify the broader picture of your company’s privacy strategy, including targeting solutions, and product opportunities

3. Learn more.
a. Identify your testing partners and talk to them about their plans.
b. See recent updates on PrivacySandbox.com and the latest videos on YouTube. 

From the CMA
– The CMA has published Google’s latest report on its compliance regarding ‘Privacy Sandbox’ browser changes. Google’s Q3 2023 report.
– Alongside Google’s report, the CMA has published its latest update report. CMA’s Q3 2023 update report.
– CMA has published additional guidance for ad techs, publishers, and advertisers intending to test the Privacy Sandbox tools. We expect most testing to take place from Q4 2023 and, in our guidance note, we have asked third-party market participants to submit results to the CMA by the end of Q2 2024 at the latest. Additional guidance to third parties on testing.
– We, as well as the Monitoring Trustee, would welcome continued engagement and in particular further input and feedback from interested third parties – both specifically about your experiences of engaging with Google on testing and trialing of proposals, as well as the extent to which you feel that Google has taken account of views and suggestions as part of its development process. 
– You can reach the case- team on privacysandbox@cma.gov.uk, and the Monitoring Trustee by emailing: ING Trustee Services (trustee.services@ing.com); Matthew Hancox (matthew.hancox@ing.com); and David Verroken (david.verroken@ing.com). 

Base Camp Amelia Island – March 10 – 13, 2024 

Consider this the unofficial announcement of a keynote speaker. It’s unofficial because I haven’t had a chance to catch up with him to find out specifically what he’s going to speak about with our group, but I already know it’s going to be great.In Amelia Island, we’ll have a session with Will Bowen. His mantra: turn complainers into collaborators. It feels like the perfect fit for Base Camp. Stay tuned for more details.

Interested? Request a pass to attend.

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