Beeler.Tech hosted two dinners this past week. At each, I floated out a question:

Do publishers need data to support our ad tech stack, or must we build a data tech stack that serves ads?

I predict that the publishers that navigate the next couple of years will look back and see that their investment in becoming truly data-driven organizations will be what made them successful. It’s because the things they must do require serious data chops:
– Pubs must diversify revenue. It’s no longer just about ads. 
– Pubs must communicate their value proposition better to their audiences.
– Pubs must become adept at handling consumer data for compliance.
– Pubs must collect better (not more) data from their audiences to create performant targeting segments to support their revenue strategy.
– Pubs must become nimble, digital-first companies that can get all departments behind a decision and act quickly.All of these “musts” start with truly understanding data across the organization and not in silos. It’s a necessary evolution that we’ll start focusing on next week at Base Camp…
At Base Camp, sustainability is top of mind. Our goal as an organization is always to improve, and being more sustainable is our focus. If you’re joining us in Amelia Island, plan to bring your favorite reusable water bottle to use at one of the many water refilling stations. We are minimizing single-use plastics as much as possible! Other ways we plan to be sustainable include:Separating our trash and recyclables.Recycling lanyards and plastic badge holders after the event. Designing new directional signage that will be reused at other Beeler.Tech events in the future to reduce waste. Working with the culinary team at the Omni by sourcing local and regional products for our meals where possible.Base Camp Amelia Island is SOLD OUT. If you couldn’t make it to this one, let us know if you’d like to participate in one of our upcoming events.
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Navigator NY Keynote Session: ​​Hitting The Reset Button
We find ourselves at an inflection point as third-party cookie deprecation looms and AI accelerates alongside a frenetic regulatory environment. Will we try replicating the past or seize the chance to chart a better path forward? There is an opportunity to align business models with consumers in mind and grow the industry. Let’s explore how to shift market dynamics and move towards a sustainable long-term approach to data.
Award-winning privacy and data ethics luminary Arielle Garcia is one of the ad industry’s leading experts in responsible data and advertising, and she’ll help us with a keynote session on how we can hit the reset button and work towards long-term approaches to data use. Raise your hand to join us for Navigator NYC on May 1, 2024.

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