Assertive Yield stands as a global leader in empowering publishers, SSPs and Ad Networks to maximize their revenue potential. Our suite of solutions, including Yield Manager, Yield Intelligence, Traffic Shaping, and Yield Optimization, leverages AI and powerful scripts to offer comprehensive data from all revenue sources, enabling publishers to enhance both revenue and user experiences.

With advanced AI-driven features such as real-time revenue predictions, dynamic pricing flooring, AI layouts, Web Ad Mediation, and A/B/n testing, we provide an all-encompassing platform for publishers’ monetization strategies. Distinguished clients, including Hearst Autos, Leaf Group, Apartment Therapy, Shareably Media, Factinate Roughmaps LTD, 9GAG, Shinez, Content IQ, GumGum, and Connatix benefit from Assertive Yield’s solutions and services, with over 250 bidders monitored, encompassing more than 150 trillion data points for 400+ active users globally. Watch our video: Unlocking Publishers’ Monetization Potential: AY Publishers Next-Gen Tech!

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Yield Intelligence: All revenue sources real-time analytics, with impressive granular data, across 300+ dimensions and AI revenue attribution.

Cookie Deprecation Report

Yield Manager: Powerful hybrid wrapper, powered by Yield Intelligence and Yield Optimizer, with ID Solutions and boost A/B/n testing without touching the code.

Traffic Shaping for Publishers: Maximize auction performance while minimizing SSP throttling through intelligent bid request optimization.

Yield Optimizer: Dynamic, data-driven pricing optimization across multiple demand partners, ensuring agility and precision in response to market fluctuations.

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Traffic Shaping for SSPs

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AY Help Center

The really good thing about the platform is that it has extensive tracking performance. It has an extensive tracker that tracks the site’s overall yield optimization performance, but also the site performance itself.There are so many different data points that I can check easily and these are very important when it comes to key decision-making when optimizing our AdStack.Initially, we were using an SSP-created Prebid wrapper, which is most dominant in the APAC, but after transitioning to the new Assertive Yield wrapper, we observed an average uplift of 9% session RPM (Revenue per Session)

We also see a 48% reduced bid requests through their optimization engine.This means that our SSP partners are getting almost half as less of requests, but then maintaining the same level of revenue because we’re just cutting out those requests that aren’t performing well.The support that came from Assertive Yield has been daily optimization.I didn’t even have to reach out to them, I didn’t need to let them know what needed to be done. They just helped us optimize as much as possible on their end, provided various organization suggestions and helped us connect to new demand partners. So I appreciate their team support

Andrew Wu

Senior Manager of AdOps and Programmatic, 9GAG

Assertive Yield changed the game for us because we saw an amazing uplift in RPMs, in some cases, we saw up to a 50% uplift.In general, what we’re looking for is optimizing user value without hurting the user experience.So, with Assertive Yield, we can give a boost to the RPMs, we get a higher user value. We don’t need to be more intrusive or affect the user experience in any way and so everybody’s happy!Now that we’re using Yield Manager, our team can focus much more on other products that we build in-house. We don’t have to worry as much about setting up the ad stack, monitoring it, optimizing it, and the constant configuration changes that you need to do all the time because we know we have the yield manager to help us with that.Everything is done very, very fast and it’s very easy to do as we have the Assertive Yield team to help us if we do need some help.

Shai Shiff

CEO & Co-Founder, Shinze

Yield Manager helped us support scalability, it is the tool we currently use to fastly operate our network. It enabled us to streamline ad setup and control, significantly improving our ad strategy execution. We can now master all the subjects that interest us, from wrapper analytics to alerting, and also the dashboard aspects. It brought clarity to our analytics, allowing us to delve into detailed performance metrics across browsers and SSPs

Pierre Bouchard

Founder & CEO, Hitopic

We initially had a setup that we had built ourselves (which we’re really proud of) because it was a custom-built prebid that had lazy loading integrated that had our own refresh based on user activity and ads being in view. We had 80% viewability metrics and we thought we were doing really well. Now what happened though when we switched to Yield Manager, is that very quickly we saw a significant increase in our revenue overall which you know within a few weeks was somewhere around a 25% increase in overall advertising revenue from programmatic advertising and the revenue increase continued over the following months and we are now at 63%+ increase in overall programmatic advertising revenue which is due to our A/B testing directly associated with Assertive Yield’s Yield Manager solution.

Jan Van der Crabben

CEO and Founder, World History Encyclopedia

Assertive Yield has been a game-changer for us. It significantly improved our vision and speed on various subjects.What I can share as results is that we observed a +30% uplift in Revenue per Session (RPM), which is very significant and clearly attributed to the Yield Manager product’s performance.Overall, choosing Assertive Yield addressed our internalization issue, because it offered a very good product, a large number of essential KPIs for us, and positive word of mouth regarding the responsiveness of Assertive Yield teams.

Julien Hermetet

Chief Revenue Officer, Cambium Media

Consider Boons Media: With Assertie Yield, the ability of just having all of our revenue data in one place is a change-changer for us. We are mobile but we have every type of inventory. We’ve video, we have display, and native too, and Assertive Yield now has the ability to just aggregate that all in one place. This means that when you want to conduct A/B tests as any publisher should do, you actually get straight away a whole picture which is invaluable to us. We’ve also been really impressed with Assertive Yields’ ever-growing list of metrics that you can analyze Revenue per Session and page views. Revenue per session is always important to us as a mobile publisher as well as things that you don’t even think about on the day-to-day but are very important.

Asher Glinsman

Head of Monetization, Boons Media

So overall, GumGum can now safely implement QPS thresholds based on a partner-by- partner needs, which is something that we weren’t able to do before. So, that’s probably one of the biggest things that we’ve been able to take away from our partnership with Assertive Yield.

Kara Petrocelli

Senior Director of Platform Operations, GumGum Inc.

We were looking for solutions to make all of our bids smarter— to have more Machine Learning behind what to send and what not to send to maximize the advertiser budget and performance. These challenges drove the urgent need for a robust solution. Today we’re using Assertive Yield’s Traffic Shaping solution.

The way it works is that we are having Assertive Yield listen to all of our bids and essentially respond to us with a “yes” or “no” decision, “this is a good one to send, but this is maybe not the best one to send” Ultimately, that decision comes down to us using the signals we’re collecting from the AY Traffic Shaping solution. It helps inform us of what we send and how much we send to each of our bidders.

Now with Assertive Yield in the mix, we’ve been able to take our own solution, add a lot more firepower to it, and collectively, between our solution -complemented by Assertive Yield, we’ve been able to reduce our overall QPS by greater than 40 percent, which has been wonderful for us. We’ve been able to get rid of a lot of noise, in a way that gives us confidence with a lot of sophistication.

Jesse Fisher

Head of Advertising Products, Connatix