The full list of content that caught our attention in the last week.

The Ad Tech Guide To Giving A S@#!

VAST CTV Addendum for Public Comment: Includes Backwards Compatibility for Foundational Building Blocks for CTV Success

Securing the Viewer Ad Experience This Election Cycle

With major elections ahead, what should news media companies do about paywalls?

Meta advertisers are adrift in adversity as bug-filled problems persist

DoubleVerify’s Global Insights: 2024 Trends Report

Introducing Programmatic Perspectives: In-Depth Conversations & Insights from Members of IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee

Q1’24 AY INDUSTRY INSIGHTS REPORT – Publisher Trends in Global Programmatic & Ad Revenue

The Battle Over Using Journalism to Build AI Models is Just Starting

How news coverage, often uncritical, helps build up the AI hype

Meta walked away from news. Now the company’s using it for AI content.

ID Bridging Debate Brings About New Transparency Standards From IAB Tech Lab

Why publishers fear traffic, ad declines from Google’s AI-generated search results

Facebook’s referral traffic for publishers down 50% in 12 months

From Hong Kong Heritage to Programmatic Leadership: Vanessa Eng’s Ad Tech Journey – shoutout to Vanessa Eng

Freestar Explains: CMA Q1 2024 Report Google Privacy Sandbox

The resurgence of rich media ad products

Retail Media Network Trade-Offs: High Engagement but Low Viewability

Get to Know: Contextual TV – How Does Contextual TV Work?

How Contextual Targeting Can Future-Proof Your Brand

Are You a Clickaholic?

Demand Path Optimization: Empowering Publishers for Profitable Paths

Breaking Free from AMP in 2024: Top 7 Challenges and Groundbreaking Solutions for Publishers