(a harvest panel – get it?)

From here on out, I think there is an industry event every week until Thanksgiving. There are also a ton of announcements to be announced and initiatives to be initiated. Strap in. We’re going to do our best to keep you informed on what we think is most relevant and hopefully add more signal than noise to everything going on. 

Last minute addition: The latest Beeler.Cast is out (spotify link but should be listed on the site shortly). It’s a summer recap but I also comment on my inclusion on the Game of Thrones Insticator map, talk about bid decoration with Jonathon Shaevitz at GrowthCode and hear about some trends from Einat at Burt Intelligence. Give it a listen!

Technically our next event is Beeler.Tech Connect: London on September 13th from 6 to 8. The Beeler.Team will only be there in spirit. The Square Pig is the place to be!

Edinburgh in October: I’ve been tinkering with the agenda. I feel like there were two conversations I want to get in the mix. Where will our traffic come from? (once social and search abandon us) and Are we Made For Advertising (MFA) or Made for Humans (MFH)? The answer is both, but it’s time to start differentiating ourselves from anyone that can throw an ad tag on a page. We do have prep calls for attendees and our publisher community.

– Sept 6, 10 a.m. ET – Sustainability & Brand Safety –  that’s this week!
– Sept 7, 10 a.m. ET – Data Collaboration – Direct Sold & Programmatic – this too!
– Sept 12, 10 a.m. ET – Mastering Consent and the Audience Relationship
– Sept 14, 10 a.m. ET – Supply Path Optimisation Starts with Supply

Navigator in November: Lot’s of inbound interest. I suspect we’ll have a full house of around 200 people. I’d secure your seat. No agenda announcements this week…but they are coming!

Publishers: we’re ready to talk membership/season pass options for 2024, especially if you are thinking about Amelia Island: Next March 10-13 inquire about attending. Verbally we’re almost half way to full attendance with the most important publisher monetization pros in the game. We’re finalizing our plans for 2024 Navigators (US and UK) and some other in-person treats for y’all. Let’s make a plan together so you can budget Beeler.Tech into 2024.

Self-Serve Summit (Oct 18) and Prebid Summit (Oct 23): Have you seen the agenda of these amazing events? Get yourself involved!

Beyond our events…

The new Beeler.Tech job site got some social love from Joe ZappaRachel Pasqua and Angelina Eng. Check out what they had to say and thank you! We can’t wait to watch our MVP to get to the next level. 

A lot of people are looking for a new opportunity. See if you can help one of our job seekers.

Our home page is getting more contentful (content-full?). 

It wasn’t a slow week in our publisher-only slack. Big story was my suggestion that we should move forward with the new instream / outstream standards. Talking about firing up a conversation! Join in.