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Kinda in order of importance (and not necessarily in chronological order):
This is the week we see your registration for the AdTech Economic Forum!

The AdTech Economic Forum on April 24 in NYC just got even better and is now considered a must-attend event.

We packed the agenda further with Bob Lord (RWL Advisory) and Adam Berkowitz (Publicis Groupe). 

We have confirmed marketing leaders from Proctor & Gamble, AstraZeneca, Diageo, Kenvue, Marriott International, Mars, Samsung Ads, Pfizer, RITE AID, Target, Uber, Verizonand more attending.You can’t leave this event without learning something or meeting someone that could be game-changing for your company.  Learn more about the AdTech Economic Forum and purchase your ticket today!

Register or request registration information for special rates today! We’ll work with our newsletter subscribers to get you there.
We’re SOLD OUT!*

*Technically, we are waiting for some people who said they were coming to sign up to register, and yes, we might try to squeeze some more publishers in, but effectively, we are sold out.
Oh, we’re not even close to being done asking you to do stuff:

Navigator London on June 11: VIP passes are almost gone, agenda is shaping up. For publishers, this is going to be a team activity. Raise your hand so we can make that happen.

Read our take on the top updates/news items from around the industry this past week, including our article Contextual Advertising in a Galaxy Not So Far Away – a Star Wars-themed interview with Craig Leshen and Leif Kramer from OAO.

After you’ve signed up for our events and made your plans, consider these events coming up:
– April 15 – Karaoke Night @ POSSIBLE MIAMI – related: Dayna will be at POSSIBLE
– April 17 – What advertisers want: Effective data strategies for maximising your advertising ROI – online
– Chicago Happy Hour – Piece Brewery and Pizzeria – April 24 5:00 pm CT
– April 30 – AdScape After Hours: Toronto, Discussion & Dinner – Toronto
– May 1 – Prebid Ascent 2024 – London

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Quotes/Ideas/flotsam from this past week that are sticking with me:
It wouldn’t get built if you wouldn’t buy it. Drive quality ad experiences by buying quality ad experiences.

Joy Robins, New York Times: “First dollar goes to journalism, the next dollar goes to the ad side” (something like that. #audiencefirst regardless).

“You can’t count eye contact on the Tube as a relationship, much like you can’t count someone visiting your site for one page as an engaged user. Pubs can be worse than middle-school boys trying to impress their friends with their almost sexual conquests.” – Rob Beeler prepping for Navigator London.
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