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HTL Inc. produces highly configurable SaaS tools and ad products for publishers. HTL BID is an industry-leading, click-not-code ad tech management system, HTL Exec gives publishers a complete and unified view into all of their data across all third-party systems and platforms and HTL Debug is its free Chrome extension for inspecting the HTTP requests and responses for ad activity on a website.

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First Impressions

Hashtag Labs First Impressions – HTL Bid


HTL Exec is now officially listed as a Partner Connector in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio)

Client Testimonials

Working with an outside ad ops partner is always a cumbersome proposition for a publisher as evolved as BDG, but bringing on Hashtag Labs was incredibly seamless, and painless ramp up period and the services they provided were top-notch across-the-board from our simplest to most complex campaigns. If felt more like a true partnership than just utilizing an “outsourced ad ops” company.

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