You know what I left with last week that I hadn’t expected? Hope. You see, when last March one of the Base Camp sessions proposed “Beeler goes to Washington”, I was skeptical. When it looked like it would actually happen, I thought it would just be photo ops. But when you meet an actual congressperson and they speak intelligently about privacy regulation, you realize there are people who care. The people we met with heard us and they want to hear from us again. It was incredible. Scott Messer did a recap of our trip that’s a must-read. We’ll be following up with the people we met, and I hope we become a resource for them. 

DC was amazing, but the cherry on top is the response to our upcoming events. People are signing up for Base Camp Edinburgh and the agenda is evolving. All we did was announce Navigator on November 2, and the response has been fantastic. Base Camp next March has had such a great start, we’ll be able to work with attendees on the agenda well in advance. Raise your hand for any of these events and get in on the ground floor!
The Buy-Side at Base Camp Edinburgh
Understanding how best to work with the buy side is critical to our jobs as publishers. At Base Camp, we’re curating timely discussions with top thought leaders from agencies and brands so that you come away with a well-rounded understanding of how we can move our businesses forward. Here’s just some of what you’ll hear in Edinburgh.

Richard Nicolson, Head of Dentsu Media Exchange, Dentsu on Made for Advertising Sites
​Richard is charged with securing the best impressions for Dentsu’s clients and looks forward to when publishers with high-quality audiences and inventory win out over arbitrage websites. In this session, he’ll share his perspective as a buyer on sites built for advertising and the importance of quality content. 
Retail Data’s Place in Publisher Strategies with Gordon Eldrett, Media Director UK, Circana
Retail data will only increase in value as the third-party cookie reign comes to an end. This discussion will focus on publishers’ relationship with retail data and retail media companies, and we’ll hear from Gordon Eldrett, Media Director UK for Circana– the world’s leading advisor on the complexities of consumer behavior. You won’t want to miss this insightful conversation. Learn more about Base Camp and request an invite.

Navigator NYC
We’ve set the date (Nov 2) and the place (NYC) and now the fun begins of assembling the agenda. You already know some of the main topics we’ll cover, so we’ll just share some things we’re thinking about:
– More roundtable-ish sessions vs lectures. We actually suspect we’ll have some whiteboarding going on space permitting.
– Ample opportunity to network. Like all-day-type stuff.
– Direct sold advertising will be a focal point throughout the day.

Rob came up with some questions he’d like to see some sessions address:
– Can digital advertising help the world we live in?
– How will I get traffic to my site in the future?
– What is my inventory worth?
– Is there a creative way forward with creative?
– Why can’t 2024 be a great year for publishers?

Want to attend? Let us know!

Last day to join the 2023 Mentorship Program! We start matching tomorrow. We love this program and put tons of time into making the best possible matches we can. At this point, we are going to have some mentees that won’t have a mentor match. We need more mentors. If you, or someone you know is open to being a mentor please apply today. We don’t want to turn anyone away. Sign up today!

Beeler.Tech Connect
Network with locals, visit with current and past colleagues and meet more people in our industry.

Connect: Los Angeles
August 10 at 5:30 p.m. PT – date change!
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Connect: Chicago
August 16 at 5 p.m. CT
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Our Chicago crowd wins the award for regular meetups. If you are in Chicago, go hang out, have a chat and a beverage. 

Connect: Detroit
August 24 at 5 p.m. ET – date change!
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This is the one Melissa hosts!
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Updates from around the industry 

Advice to Your Younger Self – From Thought Leaders Around the Industry V.2 – Rob is quoted!

Publishers Cry Foul As SSPs Claw Back Revenue Lost To MediaMath’s Bankruptcy

Topics taxonomy okayed to be expanded: CMA’s Q2 2023 update report

Mike Racic President of talking with Kurt Donnell on the Blood, Sweat & CPMs podcast

Recaps of what’s being talked about in our Pubs only Slack. Want to join?
– Google Discover and where pubs’ traffic comes from.
– Programmatic trends: PG deals are up, open marketplace CPMs are down
– F’ing clawbacks

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