I’ve never rested on laurels before. They don’t look comfortable, and frankly, I don’t have time to try them. Yes, Amelia Island was really, really, really good. Just check out some of the LinkedIn posts from some of our attendees. We’ve got plenty of takeaways, photos, next steps, etc., to share with you. However, I’m thinking about how well our next events are shaping up and trying to get y’all there!

The AdTech Economic Forum gets better every day. When you see some of the people who are simply attending, let alone speaking, you’ll understand what we are talking about. I’d get on this bandwagon if I were you. You’ll understand our industry on a whole other level. 

Right on its tail will be Navigator NYC. We announced Shelly Palmer last week. We’ve got more people to announce; see who we added below

.June will bring us to London for Navigator. More to come on that event soon.

Personal note: Josh Wexler passed away this past week. Like Ben Reid, who passed last year, Josh had a steadying effect on me. He had an openness and vulnerability that I’ve tried to model my life (not my career – my life). I can’t fathom the fact I won’t be able to get his counsel on things. Josh, you’ll be missed.
Where will you be on April 24th? We will be hosting the inaugural AdTech Economic Forum at The Times Center in NYC.

According to eMarketer’s most recent forecast, worldwide #retailmedia spending will hit $140 billion this year. That’s because advertisers are shifting money flows to get the audience-targeting job done sans cookies.

In our retail media session, Ari Paparo from Marketecture Media will take us on a journey with two of the world’s top subject matter experts – Todd Parsons Chief Product Officer at Criteo and Leora Kelman Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Learn more about the AdTech Economic Forum and apply here to participate!
New session announced! Why We Can’t Have Nice Things with Lila Hunt, System1
Programmatic makes it easy to buy digital advertising. Buying the right digital advertising? Not so much. Let’s talk about some of the fundamental issues that prevent advertising from being as efficient as possible and rewarding publishers who deliver performance.

 to Navigator NYC on May 1, 2024

Beyond Cookies WorkshopApril 9 at 9:30 BST
Privacy Sandbox is hosting an in-person workshop in London. Prepare for the end of 3rd-party cookies by learning how to analyze your website or service, discover any dependencies, and identify the right Privacy Sandbox APIs or other mechanisms for your use case. Join in person for the technical demos and a showcase of developer tooling to audit your site or service.
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Updates from around the industry 

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Beeler.Tech Events
Press Gazette’s Future of Media Trends  – April 17 – Rob is moderating
AdTech Economic Forum – April 24
Navigator: NYC – May 1
Navigator: London – June 11
Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Denver – October 6 – 9
Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Barcelona – November 10 – 13
Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour 2024

Events We Support
Impact Americas 2024; Kick Off March Madness – NYC, March 19
March Madness by Seedtag – NYC, March 21
The Future is Direct: But Why Isn’t it Automated Yet? – March 22
Aditude: Unlocking Insights: The Power of Publisher Analytics – March 27 
Google Chrome Beyond Cookies Workshop – London, April 9 at 9:30 BST
Prebid Ascent 2024 – Prebid’s inaugural European event – May 1

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