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Relevant Digital is a SaaS and service provider that has been assisting digital publishers in monetizing their digital content for over a decade. The company’s roots are in the Nordic region, but it has employees and representation in multiple countries across Europe and the US.

Relevant Yield is at the heart of Relevant Digital’s global operations, empowering digital publishers and ad networks to effectively manage and scale up their advertising revenues. Alongside this flagship solution, the company provides programmatic sales services, consulting for ad sales development, and a range of operational resources.

Due to rapid business growth and an expanding customer base, Relevant Digital has gained significant recognition worldwide. Notably, Relevant Yield has already established a diverse client portfolio spanning over 15 countries.

The company’s goal is to become the leading service provider in its industry and foster an inspiring, human-friendly workplace for an expanding international team of top experts.

As an independent company, Relevant Digital is a neutral, trustworthy, and flexible partner.


Relevant Yield, a powerful solution designed for publishers and sales networks, exceeds expectations by offering revenue insights, real-time header bidding analytics, and remote control of Prebid setups. This comprehensive platform equips users with the tools they need to simplify and enhance their advertising operations, ultimately improving yield. The solution’s continuous development, taking industry trends into account, along with its independence, establishes it as a strong player in the field.

How do users report that Relevant Yield has improved their daily work routine? (based on user research in 2023): Saved tons of time, improved overall efficiency, streamlined processes, brought independence, driven sales, enabled easy reporting, enhanced control over SSPs and simplified management of Prebid.

Relevant Yield consists of three different modules that can be used separately or together on the same platform:

API INSIGHTS – Access to all sales channel data and metrics. Adds efficiency and control, builds a commercial mindset across the organisation. Prevents revenue losses with alarms.

HB MANAGER – Independent & straightforward control of Header Bidding without any coding, includes support for Prebid Server & Mobile, A/B Testing, etc.

HB ANALYTICS – Real-time header bidding insights. Provides complex data in simple way for better business decisions. Prevent revenue losses with Alarms.

First Impressions

Relevant Yield First Impressions

Client Testimonials

“The use of Relevant Yield has enabled us to manage our programmatic sales more efficiently as we have a clear overview in one place of what takes place in various SSPs. It has also freed up a lot of our team’s time for optimising yield which has translated into improved earnings.” – Saku Sahramies, Product Development online&linear, MTV Oy

“We are very impressed with the reporting suite in Relevant Yield. The data available, visualisations and responsiveness are possibly the best we have seen in all the adserver/SSPs we have been working with.” – Oscar Gjævert, Head of Advertising Technology, Schibsted

“Relevant Yield’s wrapper makes it relatively easy for me to set up my own Prebid system and manage it in a meaningful way. I negotiate and optimise directly with the SSPs, which increases trust, revenue and demands for my customers” – Monja Skalden, Founder, Skalden Media

“By utilising the HB Manager and HB Analytics we are able to deploy and work with more websites, using less time on manual setups and setup changes. This means faster deploys, better revenue performance, faster responses and more flexibility and insights into the yielding process in general.” – Vincent Batelaan, Head of Inventory, Next day media 

“There hasn’t yet been a question left unanswered or any problems unsolved, which is a breath of fresh air in this side of the industry and the overall teething problems that can come with Prebid integrations and technicalities of ads in general.” – Dave Walton, Ads Product Owner, Forza Football

Case Studies

Skalden Media increased revenue and autonomy with Relevant Yield

JP/Politikens Hus streamline their processes and efficiency with Relevant Yield

Next Day Media increased its efficiency and revenue with Relevant Yield


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