The Clipcentric Ad Studio is a powerful platform for the production and management of premium digital display advertisements.

After founding AdInterax, a pioneer in early display advertising technology, and selling it to Yahoo!, Marcus Doemling and Peter Matsuo together started Clipcentric in 2014.

Our talented team of designers and software engineers are behind award-winning digital ad campaigns run by top publishers and brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Hyundai, Chipotle, Audi, and more.

We’re committed to building superior, flexible ad technology backed by great customer service.

First Impressions


Rethinking ad products at PGA Tour

Customer Testimonials

“Our relationship with Clipcentric has been great; anything we’ve asked for, they’ve come through on.” – Jay Kaplan, Ad Operations Manager, Rolling Stone

“We continue to be impressed with how flawlessly the tools work for us on a daily basis. Best vendor switch ever!” – Jennifer Dragon, Director Creative Services, Cox Media Group