I should have expected that after our “event tsunami,” which was the last month, we’d have a lot of pent-up content and things to cover. As I’m looking at what we have to share, there is a lot. Let’s start off with the big news!We have a keynote for Navigator London on 11 June!

Cath Waller, MD, Advertising, Immediate.Home to trusted brands, including Good Food and Radio Times. Here’s what Cath will discuss:

Relationships will Define the Future of Publishing
Publishers can’t out-tech big tech, and we can’t scale the walls of the walled gardens. However, publishers can build stronger relationships with their audiences and with buyers. Focusing on this strategy will set the course for publishing for years to come.Cath will kick off the day. Read more below on our ambitious agenda!

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Navigator London on 11 June has 4 parts. It starts with a discussion with a thought leader or two, followed by small group-focused discussions on related topics as determined by attendees. Each table will be responsible for coming to a consensus about action steps publishers need to take around specific issues. Everyone attending will have an opportunity to contribute to multiple discussions.

The four parts are:
Balancing Audiences and Advertising
Working better with Buyers and Ad Tech
Navigating the Future
Taking Action

To register, you’ll need a code, so request one here.
So much for you to do (in no particular order):
– Two new AdTech Economic Forum videos are now available including an interview with Sir Martin Sorrell and Attention Metrics with Adelaide, Spotify and Raptive.
– Read some of the highlights from Navigator New York or listen to one of our sessions on Press Gazette’s podcast about keeping journalism free.
– Rob sat down with Nils Lind from Assertive Yield for a video interview, and they covered a lot of ground – from the start of Assertive Yield to what pubs should do next.
– Cannes-bound? Find out where we’ll be – or let’s make something happen. Let us know here!
– Read our take on the top updates/news items from around the industry this past week
– Consider OPE (Other People’s Events)
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Make Your Voice Heard – Your Well-Being and Career Satisfaction Survey
Mental health, career satisfaction, and well-being are always relevant, and especially during Mental Health Month. MediaVillage Education Foundation has put togther a survey to learn more more about where our industry stands. It takes about 10 minutes. Survey closes this week, don’t wait. 

Have your voice heard! Take the survey here.

We have a new little Trafficker at DailyMail.com. We can’t wait to see then in their new merch. From a community member, “My kids don’t fight over toys, they fight over swag.” Love it.