The full list of content that caught our attention in the last week.

A write up of what Lila Hunt spoke about at Navigator last week: NAV RECAP: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Hearst Newspapers’ Michael Irenski on the value of local journalism, keyword blocklists and Popeye 

The disenshittified internet starts with loyal “user agents”: A tool should work for its user, not its manufacturer

Dotdash Meredith’s cookie-killer advertising technology appears to be working

Dow Jones, NYT, Dotdash Meredith and Informa confound news business doomsters

Press Gazette has done a major survey on neurodiversity in the news business and found there is a lot of it about.

Supply-side provider Colossus accused of misrepresenting user IDs in ad auctions

Are user IDs declared consistently in ad auctions?

Use Case Webinar with Permutive

Embracing Change With The Evolution of Identity Solutions

Google Search’s Core Updates Are Crushing Sites And Reshaping The Web

Apple’s “Intelligent Search” Will Summarize Webpages

Taking a Stand: Eliminating MFA Sites and Fostering Quality Journalism

Understanding how ad tech works on publisher pages is critical to advancing the programmatic ecosystem into a better place