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Two things you must look into before time runs out!

Why you should attend the AdTech Economic Forum on April 24 in NYC
This is NOT your typical AdTech conference. It is the first and only event to examine AdTech from the perspectives of finance, private equity, and venture capital.

On April 24, we’ll bring together the best minds from across media and marketing to dig deep into the creative destruction happening in our industry. You’ll leave with an informed perspective that will shape your decision-making.

Don’t overthink it. Someone in your company is thinking about the financial future of our industry and your place in it. They need to be at this event not only to learn about the economic forces at play but also how companies across the ecosystem plan to adapt. You will absolutely learn something at this event AND you’ll meet some of the most influential people in the ecosystem. Quick name drop: RiteAid, Marriott, P&G, Uber, and Pfizer will be there.

Register or request registration information for special rates today!
Navigator NYC is just a few weeks away, and our team has curated an incredible program for you. Here are just some of the interactive sessions you’ll have to choose from:

💡 Jeff Jarvis, author, professor, and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly, will open the day with a keynote address on the radical thinking necessary for publishers to grow thriving businesses.

🔢 Arielle Garcia, Founder of ASG Solutions, will discuss hitting the reset button and charting a better path forward as we explore how to shift market dynamics and move towards a sustainable long-term approach to data.

🤝 Richard Sobel, Founder and CEO of Marcato Solutions, is helping brands rethink their customer engagement strategies. He’ll share how publishers can fit into their plans and in the process foster a new type of partnership with brands.

This is just some of the ground we’ll cover on May 1, so be sure to check out the full agenda for updates and come prepared to dig into these critical conversations. 

Request an invitation & Register today!
Next Most Important Thing to Do:

Read our newest article:
Contextual Advertising in a Galaxy Not So Far Away – a Star Wars-themed interview with Craig Leshen and Leif Kramer!

Now everything else we need you to do (you know, if you want to):

Register today for our 200th Virtual Happy Hour THIS Friday at 4 p.m. ET!

Raise your hand if you want to know more about Navigator London on June 11.

Read our take on the top updates/news items from around the industry this past week.

After you’ve signed up for our events and made your plans, consider these events coming up:
– April 9, Google Chrome Beyond Cookies Workshop – London
– April 10, Burt.: Q1 Benchmarks Overview – online
– April 15, Karaoke Night @ POSSIBLE MIAMI – Dayna will be at Possible as well – send her a note to meet up
– April 17, What advertisers want: Effective data strategies for maximising your advertising ROI – online
– April 30, AdScape After Hours: Toronto, Discussion & Dinner – Toronto

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Last week I shared this thought:
“It’s the users’ data, the publishers’ relationship, and the advertisers’ money.”

Is that accurate? Is it the basis for making better decisions as a publisher?

How about this one from a convo I had this week:
“Publishers have to solve for people. It seems like we need people tech, not ad tech. Ad tech takes people and reduces them to cookies and identifiers. It’s like asking the butcher how to treat cattle more humanely.”

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