And they’re like, “It’s better than yours.” 

Please forgive me for that. I was trying to think of the best way to make a point, and I had a Weird Al moment. I just wanted to make sure you look at the session highlights below, as we are quite proud of how these events are coming together. I spend the weekend tweaking and thinking through every session at Amelia Island (30+ sessions) trying to make sure we get the most out of each one. It is literally my goal to make it hard to choose which session to go to. 

The AdTech Economic Forum is a whole other level. Each speaker is keynote-worthy, and no one is going to leave April 24 without a whole new perspective on how this industry operates. It’s about AdTech, but the accent is on the word “Economic”. It’s how money flows, not impressions.

Navigator NYC is the week after the AdTech Economic Forum and the timing couldn’t be more interesting. While the Privacy Sandbox APIs are a top topic, it is not the only thing we as an industry are contending with. We plan to hit it all with the hope of accelerating your efforts to prepare for what comes ahead. Registration opens this week, so make sure we know you want to attend.

We don’t even have space in this newsletter to talk about Navigator London, Base Camp Denver, or Base Camp Barcelona, all of which are being worked on. How do we do it? I’d love to tell you, but I’d have to charge…
Session Highlight: It’s not just Tech: People are Also Changing

From remote work to generational differences, connecting with your colleagues is harder than ever. To be a successful leader, you need to adapt your approach. Dr. Courtney Plotts will explain how to think of culture through a scientific lens so you can more effectively communicate your ideas.

Check out a clip of Dr. Plotts sharing why she’s excited to join us at Base Camp.
 Session Highlight: Public AdTech Players, Valuations, Winning And Losing

Before 2020, there were five non-walled-garden public ad tech companies. Now there are more than twenty. Most are trading at well below their IPO price. Who is overvalued or undervalued? Cookie exposure and AI are big deals for ad tech. Laura Martin, Senior Entertainment & Internet Analyst, Needham, and Shweta Khajuria, Managing Director and Research Analyst, Evercore ISI, will tell us what they see and how it could all shake out.

Registration is now open! If you’re a CEO, CFO, or CMO for a leading consumer brand or marketing agency, apply to participate.

Laura MartinManaging Director, Sr. Internet & Media AnalystNeedham & Company

Shweta KhajuriaManaging Director, Internet Equity ResearchEvercore ISI
Session Highlight: Adapting to Brand Transformation
Brands’ relationships with customers & prospects are evolving. From social media & influencers to increased use of 1st-party data, from customer-centric storytelling to integrated media approaches, these changes are definitive and very much a work in progress. For better and worse, publishers being media vendors is no longer enough to support lasting relationships. 

Rich Sobel is helping brands rethink their customer engagement strategies and can share where, why, and how publishers fit in the mix to retain (and grow) their brand partnerships.

Raise your hand to join us for Navigator NYC on May 1 and participate in focused discussions leading to real progress and solutions.

Camp.Fire: Direct Sold
We had a great conversation about Direct Sold last week. Here is the summary (HT to Laura Boodram for the summary):
– The goal is to create scale, not replace people. Automate/outsource the right things so that people can do the people work
– Publishers want simplified, consolidated tech in their stack – and they will/should continue to re-evaluate partners and options
– AI is the cool kid and everyone wants to hang with them. It will help push regime changes
– Programmatic is an execution path and will remain an important part of the ecosystem
– Efficiency is too vague and dirty of a word. Let’s talk instead about removing friction, increasing control, and transparency
If you missed it, you can watch here!

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Updates from around the industry 

Digital services act (DSA) and its impact on online platform publishers

The Future of Media, Advertising, Measurement, and Currency A Perspective
Brian Wieser will be a speaker at the AdTech Economic Forum in April. Easy but interesting read with some good data points that might be helpful.

Why brands should advertise during high news cycles without fear

Breaking the Malvertising Supply Chain

How Group Black’s Kerel Cooper is trying to solve programmatic’s bias problem at the industry level – shoutout to Kerel Cooper

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