Okay, technically, we have a week to go in Q1, but I mean, whatever. I’m not saying it didn’t have its highlights. Base Camp Amelia Island got some rave reviews: “Damn! Best conference in the industry for publishers. Period.” and “The conversations at Base Camp are unlike the ones at other events – they are conversations that lead to change.”

But my main issue with Q1, 2024, is that it did little to inform me about Q1, 2025. I really didn’t learn as much as I wanted about the Privacy Sandbox or what will work when third-party cookies are deprecated. I feel that too much effort is being put into replicating what works today versus what will work tomorrow. Nothing I’m doing is truly informing me of what’s on the other side of the mountain.

I feel like I’m in training for a competition but I don’t know what it entails. Is it the Barkley Marathon, or is it the Amazing Race? All I know is it’s going to be hard. But like anyone who competes, the only thing you can do is try to improve the next day. I expect Q2 will provide more of the information needed to prepare for the future. In the meantime, one thing will hold true: you can’t spend enough time thinking about your audience.
“Every day is a dog fight in AdTech Land.” – Tom Triscari
This is from Tom Triscari’s latest edition of Quo Vadis. It echoes my thoughts about publisher operations, but his focus is on the whole ecosystem. Digital advertising must continually evolve, or the money investors put into it will dry up or shift. It is essential to understand how Wall Street thinks about our industry. Someone in your organization isn’t just interested in this as a topic: it’s their job to understand it to the best of their ability. Get them to this event!
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(Jeff Jarvis testifying in Congress this year about AI and Journalism)

Hot off the presses! Navigator keynote announced! 
I just got off a call with author, journalist, and former colleague Jeff Jarvis, who has agreed to speak at Navigator. We’re still working on a clever title and summary, but we want to discuss with everyone the necessary reinvention of publishing and the advertising that goes with it. This is an essential conversation if you’re trying to understand what happens to our industry over the next couple of years.

Request an invitation to Navigator NYC on May 1, 2024

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Privacy Sandbox is hosting an in-person workshop in London. Prepare for the end of 3rd-party cookies by learning how to analyze your website or service, discover any dependencies, and identify the right Privacy Sandbox APIs or other mechanisms for your use case. Join in person for the technical demos and a showcase of developer tooling to audit your site or service.
Karaoke Night @ POSSIBLE MIAMI – April 15
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Key topics include: Current state of identity post cookie, mobile with a focus on in-app, CTV and measurement.

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 Jonathan Bellack has a new gig and he is hiring. Looks interesting.“The ASML is a chance to reimagine the future of social media by looking beyond the next press cycle, earnings report, or election. Instead of limiting ourselves to solving today’s problems, we want to find new ways for technology to bring people together. I believe that with an inventive spirit, the online social experiences of 100 years from now will make today’s popular apps look as quaint (and dangerous) as a Ford Model T compared to a modern automobile.I am hiring engineers, designers, and product managers to join me in this quest. Please reach out any time, here or by email to asml@cyber.law.edu. I would love to learn from you and work together to invent new and healthier approaches to social media.”

Fandom has an opening for a Senior Director of Programmatic Monetization. As part of the Global Programmatic Team, the Sr Director Programmatic Monetization will oversee the strategy for driving growth in both Programmatic Indirect, while maintaining relationships with agencies, brands,  trading desks and SSPs. Learn more here.

Crain Communications is looking for a VP, Ad Revenue Strategy. Lead revenue strategy and operations to drive growth in advertising revenue across Crain’s portfolio of B2B media brands including Ad Age, Automotive News, Crain’s City Brands, Global Polymer Group, Modern Healthcare, and Pensions & Investments. Learn more here.

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