LinkedIn is reminding me that Beeler.Tech became a thing 7 years ago. I’m here to say there is no 7-year itch.

The Beeler.Tech you know today was not what I envisioned at the time. My striking out on my own came from a need to get my hands dirty again. When discussing certain topics at AdMonsters, I realized I was no longer a subject matter expert. I felt this gap was hurting the programming and my ability to help the community I had helped create. You gotta be in ops to speak ops.

So, I did what many of us do at some point in our careers: I set out a shingle and called myself a consultant. Let’s just say it got off to a slow start.

In my first job as a consultant, I got paid in coupons. Del Frisco coupons, mind you, but coupons, nonetheless. I think I took the job just to tell that story 7 years later*.

I started experimenting with ideas about building a company around the publisher community, not just events. My first solo event (well, solo with a lot of help) was a one-day training on Ad Operations Management. 

Projects came and went, but it was that gave me my real opportunity to feel a part of something. To build up an operations department and tech stack basically from scratch was exactly what I needed. No more speaking theoretically. Theoretically, monthly reconciliations shouldn’t take long. Theoretically don’t know shit.

That opportunity coincided with the need to put my community concepts into practice. I recognized that the community needs cultivation and curation. It was the pandemic that accelerated things for Beeler.Tech. Conversations had to continue even if we couldn’t get together. No one wants another Zoom call, but somehow the formula worked. No lie, I think we did 50+ group calls that first year. The “you’re on mute” mug wasn’t just funny but essential. Melissa Chapman had joined by that point. She liked to keep her toe in outside projects, but the lure of helping people within our industry was too appealing.

Base Camp became a thing as soon as travel was possible and Beeler.Tech was off to the races. I hired Jill James to be a fractional CFO/confidant/security blanket, and we started to make a plan. That plan needed expertise, and soon found that expertise in Dayna Moon, Amanda Forgione, and Nicholas Triveri. A few others help us as well.

Seven years in, it’s still hard to explain exactly what we/I do. I like creating content. I want to support people who create content. I want to support the people who support the people who create content. The reasons that it’s difficult to be a digital publisher today are not the right reasons. We/I are all about making publishing profitable.

So no, there’s no seven-year itch. There are too many cool things to do, cool people to help, and challenges to solve. I probably have a job that allows me to be me more than most people will ever experience in their careers. Thank you for that opportunity, and I’m looking forward to the next seven years**!

Rob Beeler

*Beeler.Tech no longer accepts coupons.
**but, like, seven years tops, please!

Campers will have lots of time to network and share ideas and best practices for leading in turbulent times. Here are just some of the concepts we’ll discuss:
– The Big (and Small) Picture for Publishers with Tom Triscari, Programmatic Economist 
– Making Direct-Sold Products Easier to Buy
– What is Ad Operations Without Complaining, a keynote featuring International best-selling author and speaker Will Bowen 
– Data Collaboration Gets Serious in 2024
– Actual Action Around Brand Safety – talk is cheap!
– The Publisher Paybook – we’ll keep it digital in the spirit of sustainability 
– Publisher Leadership in 2024
– Where Will Our Traffic Come From?
– How Online Video Must Innovate

And, of course, much, much more. Request an invite here!

LGBTQ+ Community Members
– Some of you were looking for opportunities to network with others in LGBTQ+ community.
– We did some digging around and asked friends, and didn’t find much. Out in Tech seems to be the best formal group, hosting events, a job board, and more – check them out. We want to create an environment for those in our Beeler.Tech community, can find more community. To that end we have created a #lgbtqplus channel in our Community Slack, join here! 
– If you have more thoughts on how we can help create community for those in the LGBTQ+ community, please let us know. Reach out to Melissa.

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