I spent the weekend in Savannah showing my daughter the city and SCAD. Looks like she’s a Beeler who is going to be a Bee! Anyway, the trip took away from my pontificatin’ time, so here is your box of chocolates…
– Right before the weekend, we secured author Dr. Courtney Plotts to join us in Base Camp Amelia Island. She will bring some science to our conversations about leadership, connecting to our audiences, and more.
– Dayna and I will be at IAB ALM. My dance card is almost full (heh, like there is dancing at ALM), but ping me to book some time.
– No Possible in Miami for me. I’ll be in London that week — more details to come.
– It is too early to share an agenda for Navigator NY on May 1st, but sessions are starting to come together. Start getting excited about it!
– Buzz is also starting to build around Base Camp Barcelona, with several VIPs and publishers already committed to being there. November is far away, but let’s start talking about it if you want to end the year with the best publisher-focused event in the industry!
– Other amazing things in the works that we have to get cranking on. While we work on standing all of that up, enjoy learning more about what we have planned for Base Camp…
Base Camp Amelia Island

Coming this week: our agenda drop + new flip flops! 👀

If you’ve already registered for Base Camp Amelia Island, you’ll get an email with discount codes to order your custom gear this week! We’ve got fresh sandals, polos, tote bags, and more – everything you need for a great event. 

We’ll also release the full agenda this week. Join us this Tuesday for the first in a series of pre-event calls to weigh in on how each topic should be covered. 

On Tuesday at noon ET, we’re talking leadership – a topic that is always top of mind and needs to stay there if you want to recruit and retain the best talent out there. Join the pre-event call so we can shape this session around what you need to know to lead in 2024 and beyond. Sign up here!

On Thursday at noon ET, we’ll discuss direct-sold inventory. It may not make the headlines as much as programmatic, but it’s still an important part of how publishers do business. Come prepared to share what subtopics you want to hear at Base Camp. 

Request an invite here!

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