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Together, we are bridging the gap between content and advertising. Our team is reimagining an advertising ecosystem that is more impactful for advertisers and publishers, while also delivering an improved, more meaningful consumer experience.

Nativo’s mission is to create more meaningful connections between brands and consumers, enable premium monetization for publishers, and improve the experience of advertising for everyone.

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Our proprietary technology empowers advertisers to drive tangible results in a cookieless ecosystem.

By combining intelligent machine learning and advanced semantic targeting with a vast publisher and advertiser network, we have built an end-to-end unified data stream delivering value to the entire ecosystem.

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Seedtag is the leading global contextual advertising company that creates highly impactful and engaging solutions for relevant premium visual content, powering targeting and returns for top publishers and the finest brands. The company’s contextual AI allows brands to engage with consumers within their universe of interest on a cookie-free basis.