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A team of Ad Operations and Adtech Development experts with over 25+ years of experience in the digital media industry. Managing the ad operations and development of over 1,400 websites accumulating billions of ad impressions ever day.

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Assertive Yield 

Assertive Yield is a global company created by publishers for publishers. Our suite of solutions, including Yield Manager, Yield Intelligence, and Yield Optimization, utilizes powerful script to provide you with data from all revenue sources and optimize your...

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Browsi is a leading AI-driven SaaS company that empowers publishers and content creators to gain control of their digital real estate. Browsi’s AI platform seamlessly analyzes real-time behavioral data to create personalized ad placements, improving user experience and increasing revenue. Browsi is trusted by premium publishers such as CNN, TMZ, Kobe Shimbun, Reworld Media, LADbible, GMX and more. Browsi’s technology is available to publishers worldwide sold directly or via authorized partners and resellers like Fluct, Flux, Magnite and more.

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A High-Tech, Results-Driven Company (And A Bunch of Really Nice People)

Our custom approach integrates the perfect mix of client-side and server-side demand partners, ensuring your site’s monetization is optimized without unneeded latency.

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Hashtag Labs

HTL Inc. produces highly configurable SaaS tools and ad products for publishers. HTL BID is an industry-leading, click-not-code ad tech management system, HTL Exec gives publishers a complete and unified view into all of their data across all third-party systems and platforms and HTL Debug is its free Chrome extension for inspecting the HTTP requests and responses for ad activity on a website.

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Together, we are bridging the gap between content and advertising. Our team is reimagining an advertising ecosystem that is more impactful for advertisers and publishers, while also delivering an improved, more meaningful consumer experience.

Nativo’s mission is to create more meaningful connections between brands and consumers, enable premium monetization for publishers, and improve the experience of advertising for everyone.

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Header bidding is a response to the “waterfall” method, a fragmented and highly inefficient process for implementing programmatic advertising. Instead of offering impressions to one partner at a time, header bidding lets all partners bid simultaneously. With header bidding, publishers can also receive bids that may be unavailable through their primary ad server.