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Celtra helps businesses transform with Creative Automation. Our cloud-based software solutions empower brands, media owners and agencies to leverage creative automation technology to drive the efficiency, speed and quality of their digital advertising production....

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Together, we are bridging the gap between content and advertising. Our team is reimagining an advertising ecosystem that is more impactful for advertisers and publishers, while also delivering an improved, more meaningful consumer experience.

Nativo’s mission is to create more meaningful connections between brands and consumers, enable premium monetization for publishers, and improve the experience of advertising for everyone.

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Ogury is a global adtech company that delivers Personified Advertising solutions grounded in privacy to brands, agencies and publishers by focusing on targeting personas, not people.

We deliver relevant audiences at scale and on quality publisher inventory thanks to our exclusive data, which is meticulously collected and crafted from millions of self-declared customer surveys, enriched with billions of impactful data points, and refined by AI. This results in audience insights and performance not available through any other adtech platform.

Founded in 2014, Ogury is a global organization with a diverse team of 500+ people across 17 countries.

Learn more about our values here.

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ResponsiveAds™ enables the production of the most advanced and innovative display ads possible at 10x the speed with its Fully-Fluid technology. Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands, Agencies, and Publishers alike can reap the revenue benefits of multi-variant immersive...

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Undertone helps premium publishers unlock unique demand & maximize revenue, without sacrificing on-site user experience. We are the leaders in creative first solutions, with flexible cross screen ad units e that span all devices including CTV & DOOH. Proud members of the CBA, TAG & IAB, we are committed to continuing to adhere to compliance & guidelines as we evolve our ad suite. We work with top brands & publishers across every vertical, bringing unparalleled service, quality creative, and flexible integrations that drive results. Our publishers are able to benefit from unique experiences that engage their audience in new ways, combating banner blindness while maximizing revenue opportunities.