I’m not sure who we need to speak to, but I sure would like an extra month to catch up on the stuff I’m already behind on and to help prepare for what comes next. Q4 for most publishers is harvesting time, when we reap in those higher CPMs. Singular focus, however, is problematic because y’all should be focused on Q1 and beyond. 

For Beeler.Tech, we’re focused on Edinburgh. The whole team is practicing throwing cabers and eating traditional haggis quesadillas*. It’s time you made your arrangements to be there before we sell out.

But we’re also focused on Navigator in November. In fact, here’s some big news:

Leah Wyar, President, Entertainment and Beauty & Style, Dotdash Meredith, to speak at Navigator NYC!

Leah Wyar leads People, Entertainment Weekly, People en Español, InStyle, Byrdie, Brides, and Shape brands. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the media and publishing industries. She has written for several publications, including Cosmopolitan, Self, and Health magazines, and has appeared on numerous television shows such as Today and Good Morning America. We’re thrilled to have Leah join us for Navigator to kick off the day in a fireside chat with Rob Beeler that you won’t hear elsewhere. 

Some other highlights so far:
Warren Zenna (CRO Collective) is confirmed to talk about organizational Jenga
Tom Triscari (Lemonade Projects) will discuss the publishers’ least-worst options. 
Helene Parker will add her expertise to buying programmatically (and what pubs should know)

And there’s more to come as Navigator is 1 day with 20ish sessions of discussion goodness.

Learn more about Navigator and preview our agenda-in-progress here. 

Quick note: the newsletter the next couple of weeks will be considerably slimmed down. To my point before, the next few months are going to be busy. Let us catch our breath before we hit the ground running in September.

*relax, it’s a joke. You’re being a wee nyaff, aren’t ya?
Base Camp Edinburgh

One of the many benefits of being a Base Camp participant is that you have the opportunity to shape the agenda before we meet so that your time at the conference is as productive as possible.We’ve scheduled our pre-event calls for Edinburgh, so if you’re joining us or considering joining us, be sure to register for the calls (details below) and come prepared to give your take on what we should cover, ask, and work through this Fall. 

Pre-Event Agenda Calls
Sustainability & Brand Safety | Sept 6, 10 a.m. ET 
Data Collaboration – Direct Sold & Programmatic |  Sept 7, 10 a.m. ET 
Mastering Consent and the Audience Relationship | Sept 12, 10 a.m. ET 
Supply Path Optimisation Starts with Supply | Sept 14, 10 a.m. ET 

Beeler.Cast with Andrew Casale
On this episode of Beeler.Cast, Rob talks with Andrew Casale, President & CEO at Index Exchange. They chat about MediaMath, sustainability, good stewardship for publishers, and what SSPs must do to help their publisher partners.

Listen to this episode on the streaming platform of your choice: Listen Here!

This is what the Beeler.Tech Community looks like. Well sometimes it looks like this, sometimes it looks like a Zoom screen. Last week we hosted two in-person events in Chicago. 

Beeler.Tech Connect happy hour, Chicago style! Look at those smiling faces. Thanks to everyone for coming out, our local host Sarah Wagner, and all the Chicago regulars!
A beautiful dinner at City Winery Chicago to discuss how to make your advertising experience good for your visitors. Thanks to GeoEdge for making it possible

Making connections and sharing experiences with the end goal of moving your career and your business forward, Beeler.Tech creates events that the community wants and needs. Thanks to everyone that came out, but a bigger thanks to the people who make the community work.

Under the radar announcement: we redid our job board
Check out jobs.beeler.tech
– easier search of job listings (posting jobs is still free and always will be)
– we have more job seekers listed (we’ve got some work on the best way to present them)
– we’re linking to relevant content regarding searching for jobs, management, and, career growth. Contribute!
– our community career resources are MVP at the moment, but we’ll work on it where people direct us.
Join the Community!
Thousands of professionals worldwide turn to Beeler.Tech as their meeting place for all things publisher revenue operations. Your teams and colleagues are welcome too. Join our community here!

Updates from around the industry 

Google Chrome will summarize entire articles for you with built-in generative AINew York Times Reportedly Considering Lawsuit That Could Throw OpenAI Into Chaos

Musings on the Bloated Supply Chain – shoutout Jana Meron
Publisher Salon Grows Revenue After Cutting Resellers – way to go Salon and Justin Wohl

How Privacy Sandbox raises the bar for ads privacy 

Pubs Take Washington – Beeler.Tech made The Wrapper!

Recaps of what’s being talked about in our Pubs-only Slack. Want to join?

– Video slideshows
– TAM Demand
– Made For Advertising Site (and a couple of loons who argue that MFA sites are valuable)

Beeler.Tech Events​:
Connect: Detroit – August 24, 5 p.m. ET – Melissa will be there!
Publisher Revenue Base Camp: Edinburgh, Scotland – October 1 – 4
Beeler.Tech Navigator NYC – November 2
Beeler.Tech Virtual Happy Hour – Fridays at 4 p.m.

Events We Support:
Amanagerforum 2023 Summer Summit: Demand Meets Supply – Munich, Germany, August 31
Digiday Publisher Summit – Miami, Sept 18-20 – Rob’s first Digiday in YEARS
Self-Serve Summit 2023 – NYC, October 18
Prebid Summit – NYC, October 23
Life is Priceless Foundation 9th Annual Gala – NYC, November 16

View our event calendar for more ways to get involved in the industry. 

Career opportunities:

STN Video is looking for a Marketing Manager. This position is a generalist role which requires the perfect blend of strategic thinking, creative talent, writing savvy, teamwork and a genuine desire to champion their external messaging.

Nativo, Inc. is searching for a Platform Operations Manager who will play a vital role in forging the path for Nativo’s self-service business unit, representing a unique opportunity to support the growth of a previously untapped client base. This individual will be responsible for supporting self-service client onboarding and native campaign execution, ensuring platform success for accounts nationwide.

Tripadvisor is looking to fill two Head of Programmatic & Ad Operations positions; one in Needham, MA and the other in New York, NY. As the Head of Programmatic & Ad Operations you will act as a centralized lead providing strategic and operational direction for the global Programmatic, Ad, and System Operations teams across all aspects of the sales cycle to enable various teams within the advertising organization. 

Click here to see our full list of job openings

Job Seekers:

Featured Job Seeker #29
“I led the end-to-end advertising ops departments as an individual contributor and a manager for several publishing and ad agencies. I am looking for a mid-senior level Programmatic Yield Optimization and Ad Operations position..….(continue reading)”

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