For both Base Camp: Edinburgh and Navigator: New York, I spent time this past week working on both agendas. I reviewed my notes from both our speakers and our attendees, and in the process, I came up with a few questions that we’ll incorporate into these events:

How can digital advertising help save the world? 
Sustainability is only one component of this conversation. We need to think through our role in society and act accordingly. Lofty discussion? Yes! Should we start talking about it seriously? Yes!

Where will our site traffic come from?
Social platforms are leaving publishers behind unless we, as publishers, publish our content directly to them. Search is about to change radically. AI, to date, hasn’t been built with content attribution in mind. Will it ever? Oh, where do the ads go in a conversation-driven interface to the Internet? We need our best minds on this problem!

Have publishers fallen too far behind on the evolutionary ladder?
Legacy publishers (for the most part) missed the move to a digital world. Pubs let programmatic happen to them more than taking part in steering its direction. The content continues to change (watch Travis Montague’s point from our last Navigator), yet publishers pump out content the way they always have. It’s time to rethink what it means to be a publisher and organize accordingly.

Those are some big questions, but here is my belief: the people who know how the business works can help drive these conversations and bring change. We went to DC to inform decisions that will impact digital advertising. You can inform decisions about how your company navigates the future.

With all that in mind, we’ll announce some additions to the Base Camp: Edinburgh agenda and have a proposed Navigator agenda available this week. As with all of our events, our attendees make the agenda. Everything I mentioned before needs attendee input to make our conversations as productive as possible.  That last line really captures the essence of Beeler.Tech is all about, so I will repeat it: the most productive conversations possible.

Help us drive these conversations by getting involved. Email us your ideas on programming–whether it’s a provocateur who should lead a discussion, an attendee who would benefit from participating, or ideas about the content; my team and I welcome your ideas.
Base Camp: Edinburgh
We recently caught up with Dora Michail-Clendinnen, Chief Strategy Officer at The Ozone Project, to discuss her session at Base Camp, what she’s planning to talk about, and what topics she’s most interested in hearing about during the event. 

As a preview, we’ll hear Dora’s perspective on a roadmap to the premium web and how its future depends on how it’s defined and measured. Attendees will exchange ideas on how we, as publishers, can work together to move towards elevating the premium open web to the position it deserves. Hear more from Dora about her session at Base Camp here.

Our Base Camp events create unique opportunities to spark conversations that carry on well beyond the end of the conference. Think you should join? Raise your hand now!
Navigator: NYC
We’re locking down speakers, organizing roundtables, and securing whiteboards for the agenda we have in mind. More to be announced, but we can share some proposed session abstracts to give you some idea of where we are going:
– Mapping Direct Sold from Buy Side to Sell Side through Automation – a whiteboard session
– Preventing Organizational Jenga – structuring a successful publishing organization or department
– To be Privacy Compliant, we must be Privacy First Organizations
– The Product, Ops, Developer Trifecta – Bringing teams together Where will Site Traffic Come From once Social and AI leave us behind?

We do have a few session leaders secured:
Warren Zenna will help lead the “Preventing Organizational Jenga” session
David Bell will talk about leadership through change.

NEW – Beeler.Cast Episode 304 with Jake Abraham
On this episode of Beeler.Cast, Rob talks to Jake about 2024, first-party data strategies, and their favorite German director.

Listen to this episode on the streaming platform of your choice: Listen Here!

Connect: Los Angeles last Thursday. Looks like all had a good time. And we love the shirt, Roger. Thanks to Julie Butler for being our local host.

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Recaps of what’s being talked about in our Pubs-only Slack. Want to join?

– Quantcast CMP presented some difficulties this week​
– Anyone making any money on UUID2.0?
– Third-party data aggregation – who does it best?

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