I’m always about to give up on X, and just when I’m about to delete the app, I see something that I needed to see. This caught my eye:

Mike is right. It pisses me off that he’s right, and it hints at just how sinister an industry we work within. Effectively, viewability has been gamed to the point that it no longer serves its intended purpose. We have to come up with new metrics to replace those that have been manipulated. I think about how much time, energy, and resources publishers have poured into moving their viewability scores up, only to find that it’s not enough to be distinguished from the arbitrage masters. Will attention metrics be gamed? What about sustainability? My guess is yes, and yet, pubs will have to work to fall in line. Is the need for ads to be seen, for users to pay attention, and to be delivered sustainably important? Absolutely. But if all of this can be gamed, what’s the fucking point? This red herring tastes a bit fishy.

From brand safety to SEO, publishers have chased buyer and big tech acceptance with every new twist that can be created, much to the publisher’s detriment. Publishers have taken their eye off the real prize – their relationship with their audiences. It’s our audience’s approval that we should be twisting ourselves in knots to achieve. 

How digital ads are bought, sold, and measured today will drive some publishers out of business, while those who can game the system will survive. The game is rigged, and it’s assumed this is the only way things work. It is not. Take the energy put into trying to milk every penny out of the open marketplace and put it into direct. Move to inclusion lists. Stop lumping top publishers in with the MFAs and the worse-than-MFAs, and let’s work on some real metrics. Invest in us, and let’s do better.

As we look forward to the events, content, and collaborations Beeler.Tech has planned ahead, we cannot escape the way the industry works today. Yes, we’ll talk about sustainability, attention metrics, and monetizing the open marketplace. We have to because our community is charged with being successful in the current paradigm. But as we work to help publishers advocate for how the industry moves forward, we will take every opportunity to move the conversation toward making publishing a truly profitable endeavor.
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We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape and bring balance to our ecosystem. Beeler.Tech plays an integral part in getting us there!”
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