On my first day in ad operations, my primary job was to make sure that the ads we sold were delivered. I wasn’t just expected to deliver the ads, but to make sure that they performed. That performance had to be for multiple advertisers because that’s what is required to hit revenue goals. But when I had performance for multiple advertisers on one page, I then had to solve for the user experience which I’d ruined. That was the job on day 1. True, that first day was in the last century, but I’m pretty sure that triple balancing act is still at the core of what I am expected to do today. Deliver Ads…that perform…for as many advertisers as possible…without pissing off our users. I have to admit I’m not the best at ad ops, but I’m pretty good. You could almost say that I was made for advertising (operations).

But hold on! Now being Made for Advertising is a bad thing! Brands who need ADS to move product and hire ADVERTISING agencies to design and then buy ADVERTISING using ADVERTISING technology companies want to remove websites that are Made for ADVERTISING.

It’s a good thing we dedicate a week out of the year to talk about the dangers of advertising and how to eliminate it from our world. It’s like a 5-day intervention where we talk about how to break the cycle of serving ads. You can’t solve your problem until you recognize you…

What’s that?

Advertising Week isn’t about ad prevention? Oh, it’s about celebrating the advertising industry. I see. In other words, Advertising Week was Made for Advertising, but not THAT advertising. Like pornography, you know it when you see it – these sites that go too far in their pursuit of advertising dollars… as if every site isn’t trying to find the right balance.

Balance is the key. That balance should be applied to the buying of ads as well as the serving of them. Before we hurt more publishers who search for this balance and invest in the creation of original content, can we strike a balance?

Otherwise, Advertising Week will become a week-long job fair.

Glad I got that out of my system! Now let’s talk Navigator where you can tell me I’m wrong…

Navigator NYC: November 2, 2023

We’re making the final preparations for Navigator NYC, scheduled on November 2, and we can’t wait to reconvene with everyone who is joining us for a full day of community-driven conversations. A bit more about what we have planned…

>> Praveen Menon, Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence, Monetization, CVS Media Exchange (CMX) will lead a session on The Most Important Thing that Publishers Can Learn from Retail Media Networks. 

>> Katie Shell from the IAB Tech Lab will talk Taxonomy  ← NEW SESSION

>> Ask and Offer Networking Exchange – an interactive networking session where everyone will have the opportunity to ask for something they need to move themselves forward. Then, we’ll switch gears and everyone will review the asks, and sign up where they can support. Our goal is for everyone to leave one step closer to where they want to be. 

>> 16 breakout sessions that will foster productive discussions and relationships that go beyond the event. 

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“The conference where problems aren’t just debated, they are resolved.”

“Base Camp is a fantastic forum for publishers to get together, collaborate, learn and make progress.”

“For anyone deciding whether to attend Base Camp you shouldn’t be deliberating. You’ll get great connections from all areas of the globe, you’ll learn from those that have been there and done it and debate and discuss real issues for publishers.”

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