Q4 is about the here and now, the now or never, for most publishers in terms of hitting revenue targets. Our quick poll says things are more “meh” than anything else (our polls are super-scientific). 

Meh means more pressure to make up for potential shortfalls. Meh means potentially adding a new ad unit to a template or futzing around with refresh rates. Meh means adding another demand source that you’d rather not add to your stack, but hey, it’s Q4, and meh is not good enough.

In other words, when the going gets tough, many publishers have to lower their standards. This upsets advertisers, and they are under increasing pressure to clean up these less-than-premium activities. 

It’s too late for Q4, but it’s not too late for ‘24 to start focusing on a publisher-led charge where good behavior gets rewarded. In the new year, premium should feel MORE premium and distance itself from poor experiences. As David Bell said at Navigator, publishers and advertisers should unite to set the narrative and stop letting everyone else drive it for us. 

Let’s adopt that cause and make it happen. Otherwise, meh will be the new up, and that’s not good for the industry.

What can publishers learn from the European Union’s privacy laws? At Navigator NYC on November 2, Rob Beeler sat down with Isabella De Michelis, CEO and founder of the European-based ErnieApp, which aims to increase data literacy among the public and inform users about how consent functions in the digital ecosystem. We’ve recapped her informative session where she lifted the veil on some common confusions. Read our session wrap-up here: https://bit.ly/PubsEULaw

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